Bookmarklets are starting to become more and more available. Ryan just wrote about some of the best bookmarklets available for your browser. They’re great, but just like bookmarks or extensions in Firefox, it’s easy to get a bunch of them which can clutter things up. Blummy is the perfect way to organize and manage some of those helpful Bookmarklets.

Blummy organizes all of your Bookmarklets into a single pop-out menu. There are a variety of different layouts that you can choose from so that your blummlet’s (another name for your Bookmarklets) are organized just the way you’d like them to be.  Searching for Blummlets is easy because they are broken down into different categories. The categories are popular, new, all, random, or, your own. Within the ‘all’ category you’ll find 62 pages of blummlet’s, with each category containing 5.  There are over 3,000 blummlet’s for you to select from! When you find the ones you like, you simply drag and drop them into your layout.Some of the favorites are probably Wikipedia,, Alexa Site info, Gmail send (opens a ‘compose email’ page). You can also add your own Bookmarklet’s with their wizard tool.

Above is a screenshot of one way you can configure your blummy. If you haven’t gotten into using Bookmarklet’s, give it a try. Ryan’s list will be very helpful in getting you started.  Once you do make use of Bookmarklet’s, I’d turn to Blummy to help you manage and organize them. I’m sure you’ll find, as I have, that there are loads of very useful Bookmarklets that make browsing the web so much easier.