Edit text format

Programs like Notepad++ have features that let you quickly manipulate bodies of text, which is something that can be really useful. Unfortunately these features are always restricted to the app you’re using making them only marginally useful compared to what they could be.

Dolphin Text Editor Menu is a great app that bridges the gap by providing a lot of text manipulation features in any program or website where you can type text. After you launch the app you’ll probably want to jump over to the System Tray icon where you can pull up the settings to configure the keyboard shortcut that displays the menu. By default the shortcut is set to Control+Numpad0.

After you’ve got it ready just highlight some text and press the keyboard shortcut. From the menu that appears you’ll be able to sort the text, remove blank lines, change text case, align text, remove HTML, and more. I’ve found this to be a great utility to have, but the challenge is remembering that it’s always there for you to use.

Dolphin Text Editor Menu Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)