Google Maps Sidebar for Firefox
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I find myself frequently mapping sites to figure out how to get from point A to point B, and today I’ve got an extension that will speed up the process even more. The extension is called Minimap Sidebar Extension, and it’s entire purpose is make viewing a map an unobtrusive and efficient process.

After installing the extension I found a site that had an address listed, and then dragged it over into the "drop zone" located in the sidebar. From there it mapped the address, and in just a few clicks I could get directions to that location. And you don’t have to worry about which mapping service it uses because it supports all of the big ones out-of-the-box: Google, Yahoo!, and Windows Live Local.

Here’s a list of the features it has:

  • Drag and drop addresses, KML files (for Google Earth), or links that you want to be mapped
  • Maps can be open in the sidebar or in a new tab
  • Stores a list of addresses for future access
  • Get the coordinates of a map
  • Embed the map
  • Automatically discover geoURL’s and in-line geotags
  • Three views: Map, Satellite or Hybrid
  • Works with Google, Yahoo!, and Windows Live Local mapping services to get directions to/from an entry and/or set a locally stored ‘Home Address’

This extension is really only for people who use maps frequently…if you hardly map anything you’ll probably forget to use the extension the few times it would probably come in handy. One thing that came to mind when seeing this is that it would really be useful when planning out vacations and looking for hotels/attractions.

Minimap Sidebar Extension [via Google Operating System]