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I’m a big fan of the Numb3rs television show, and a couple weeks ago the sixth season came to a close. Anyone that watches the show knows that they throw around a lot of mathematical equations and algorithms that can sometimes seem as though they are pulling them out of thin air. Wolfram Research, the creators of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, do their best to graphically explain some of the calculations used in each episode.

Using the advanced Mathematica software they provide brief video demonstrations for some of the concepts used in the show, and for the Mathematica users you can actually download the related source code to play around with it all yourself.

In reality this site is mostly an advertisement for their software, but math gurus may find this to be rather interesting. Another kinda cool thing is that they go beyond the complex explanations and actually provide quizzes for a bunch of the episodes (particularly from Season 5) to prove just how smart dumb we all are.

The Math Behind Numb3rs