ImmortalityringsThis was just too funny not to share with you. Matt Cutts who works for Google, offers this tip on his blog today: Avoid Keyword Stuffing. You know what keyword stuffing is, don’t you? It’s when a web designer overloads a page with keywords so that search engines will rank the page higher for those keywords.  It’s essentially spam, and usually it’s hidden in some way so that a typical site visitor wouldn’t know that the excessive list of keywords is there.

So on to the funny part. There’s a website out there, which claims to have the key to immortality. That’s right, you can stay physically young forever through the use of “Eternal Life Rings” and “Eternal Life Foot Braces” which you’d wear to stay physically young forever! Oh, and if you have a heart problem, consult your doctor first before using. Are you done laughing yet? Wait, it gets better!

To prove his point, he says that some very important people (Google) don’t want you to know about Chiu. From his website it says:

Close to 50% of people use Google search engine.  And for some reason, is banned by Google. They don’t want you to know about Alex Chiu because Alex Chiu’s stuff is no joke.  I mean if Alex Chiu’s technology is just a scam, why would a big guy like Google ban a domain like Surely some very important people, mainly the ones that control the pharmaceutical industry, do not want you to learn about Alex Chiu.  They fear that Alex Chiu’s technology will one day put them out of business.

Right, like Google really cares to hide this magnificent discovery from their users. Instead they care about all of the irrelevant keywords, which there are a ton of on the site. Google specifically mentions to avoid using irrelevant words in their webmaster guidelines. I’ve seen sites do the whole keyword thing before, but I’ve never seen quite the list that this guy’s got on his site (and this is just a portion of them!):


As Matt says, “Internal vaginal aphrodisia doping hardware?” Huh? And what does a “plasma tv advanced chart” have to do with immortality? It looks like about 50KB of keywords are stuffed into that tiny text area, from celebrity names to complete nonsense like “tupac kazaa hospital” and “alien cemetery.”

So there you have it, the lesson of the day is to avoid keyword stuffing on your own website and using “Google Power” to prove that your immortality product is legit. :)