gmail me.pngHave you been kicking your head around trying to come up with a domain name you can remember? Even though most of the good .com addresses are already taken you shouldn’t give up hope. In fact GoDaddy just started selling .me domain addresses, but they will cost you $20 per year (2-year minimum registration required).

As you can see in the screenshot above there are quite a few common addresses available, such as, but there are plenty of domains GoDaddy never put up on the block. These include a lot of common first names, last names, and frequently sought after domains. GoDaddy plans to auction off most of these reserved domains at a later date.

Now it will be interesting to see what domains start popping up that follow the format of Two domains that are currently available are “” and ““, which obviously spell out the word “game” at the end. The same kind of thing can be done with the word “home“, and an example of an available domain is ““. I’m sure this will bring out the creativity in people!

Go ahead and scoop up that easy-to-remember domain name that you’ve been gunning for.

Get a .ME Address from GoDaddy