Anti-Piracy MediaDefender is a popular company who’s goal is to thwart illegal file, music, and movie sharing. Their 60 employees and 2,000 servers are used to post fake files (that appear to be real) on the file sharing networks, and they can load corrupt data into the files being downloaded on the Kazaa network. They are essentially doing whatever they can to discourage and prevent the downloads of P2P digital media.

Some of MediaDefender’s clients include Universal Pictures, HBO, Paramount Pictures, and BMG. So as you can imagine this group is going to be a prime target for piracy advocates. One group in particular, who goes by the name MediaDefender-Defenders, has been scraping the company clean over the last week. Here’s a list of the events that have occurred:

  1. September 14, 2007 – MediaDefender has over 6,000 internal emails leaked totaling more than 700MB. The emails contained information regarding their tactics used for tracking P2P users, as well as their techniques for disrupting the various services.
  2. September 16, 2007 – MediaDefender has a recorded phone call leaked regarding their network protection. There was also a huge portion of their MySQL database leaked which gave away information regarding the fake files they had been posting on the Gnutella P2P network.
  3. September 20, 2007 – And now for the doozy. Just today MediaDefender had their source code for the anti-piracy tools leaked to the Internet. These are claimed to be received straight from a MediaDefender employee, and having information like this could make it easy for applications to scan for the fake files. A list of names for all of the apps included in the download is available below.

If you’re looking for any of the above leaks they can simply be found by performing a "MediaDefender" search on a BitTorrent site. Of course, having the information yourself probably won’t do much good…the real gem will come when programmers begin to release countermeasures for the different applications!

Here is a list of MediaDefender utilities included in the download (the names obviously hint at their purpose):

AresDataCollector, AresLauncher, AresProtector, AresSupernode, AresUDPDataCollector, AutoUpdater, AutoUpdaterSource, BTClient, BTDataCollector, BTDecoyClient, BTInflationDest, BTInterdictor, BTIPGatherer, BTPoster, BTRemover, BTScraper, BTScraperDLL, BTSearcher, BTSeedInflator, BTTorrentGenerator, BTTorrentSource, BTTracker, BTTrackerChecker, CVS, DCMaster, DCScanner, DCSupply, DistributedKazaaCollector, DllLoader, ED2KSupplyProcessor, EdonkeyIpBanner, FastTrackGift, FastTrackGiftDecoyer, GnutellaDecoyer, GnutellaFileDownloader, GnutellaProtector, GnutellaSupply, KademliaProtector, KazaaDBManager, KazaaLauncher, KazaaSupplyProcessor, KazaaSupplyTaker, KazaaSwarmerDest, KazaaSwarmerDistributedSource, KazaaSwarmerDownloader, KazaaSwarmerSource, MediaMaker, MediaSwarmerDest, MediaSwarmerSource, MetaMachine, MetaMachineHashSetCollector, MetaMachineSpoofer, MI-GnutellaSupply, MovieMaker, NameServer, NetworkMonitor, OverNetLauncher, OvernetProtector, OvernetSpoofer, P2PFileIndexer, PioletDC, PioletPoisoner, PioletSpoofer, SamplePlugIn, SLSKSpooferDLL, SoulSeekClient, StatusDest, StatusSource, SupernodeCollector, SupernodeController, SupernodeDistributer, SupplyProcessor, TKCom, TKFileTransfer, TKLauncher, TKProjectManager, TKSyncher, UsenetPoster, UsenetSearcher, WatchDogControllerDestination, WatchDogControllerSource, WinMxDC, WinMxLauncher, WinMxProtector, wma generator