File sharing can be a huge burden for webmasters which is why RapidShare has become such an overwhelming success. People go there, upload their file, and let RapidShare worry about hosting it and the bandwidth cost. However, RapidShare has all kinds of things that people hate such as the 60-second delay before you can download and a 100MB filesize limit.

MediaFire has removed all of those rules and can’t get much more perfect than it already is, which is amazing since the site has only been available for around a week. There are no file size limitations which means you could upload a whole ISO image of Linux without any problems! Man, I would love to see some Linux distributions start using this instead of making you use Torrent files, even though those are fast too. You can also download/upload as much as you want AND you can be doing multiple files simultaneously! Best of all is that there are no wait times!

I created an account with them because it allows you to keep track of the files you have uploaded, which makes it easy if I ever need to go back and get the URL. Here is an example file that I uploaded so that you could see what the download page looks like. There are just a few Google Adsense advertisements which are definitely not as obtrusive as some of the other file sharing sites.

I think the best thing is the clean interface. I mean look at how nice their uploader looks:

MediaFire Uploader

Any future files that I post to this site I’ll probably just use MediaFire as the host because they seem to really be on top of things. I contacted MediaFire regarding how long they will keep the file available if it hasn’t been downloaded. RapidShare will keep a file on their servers as long as someone downloads it every 30 days, otherwise they will delete it. The MediaFire team promptly (within minutes) responded saying:

While there is currently no time limit on the storage of uploaded files, in the future if the need to delete data should become necessary you will receive an email to the account holders email address notifying you of the impending deletion so that you can manage your files accordingly. Currently any file deletion will be on an as-needed basis and will apply to older and less frequently downloaded files first.

I think RapidShare better keep an eye on what their competitors are doing otherwise they could be headed for a decline!