It’s true, Meebo has launched a file transfer feature! Meebo is known as one of the best web-based instant messaging services available whose users exchange over 100 million instant messages each day. When instant messaging came to the web, it was welcomed with open arms, yet it still hasn’t been capable of doing everything that desktop versions are able to do.  It’s amazing how far Meebo has come though, and how the differences between the web apps for instant messaging, and desktop versions are becoming fewer and fewer.

I tend to use the file transfer feature quite often in Google Talk or Windows Live Messenger, and it’s one of those things that have made using a desktop application for messaging necessary. With a file transfer feature here at last for an online service, I think a handful of people will be more willing to give it a try.  The Meebo team has said that the file transfer feature has been requested for quite some time and eventually made its way to the list of projects that interns were able to work on.  One of their interns this summer put together the file transfer feature, and now it’s ready to use.

The image below shows the icon you’ll be looking for. It looks like a piece of paper with a green arrow pointing to the right:

meebo file transfer

All you have to do is click the icon and a window will pop up so that you can select the file that you’d like to transfer. The person you’re transferring the file to will get a link to click on so that they can accept the transfer. It’s as simple as that! Cool, huh?

Give Meebo a try.