Messenger Plus! Live Soon To Be Released?

With the popularity that Windows Live Messenger has been gaining there are many people anxiously awaiting the release of Messenger Plus! Live. This software has got to be the most popular add-on for MSN Messenger and will likely be the most popular for Windows Live Messenger.

Messenger Plus! is so great because it allows you to customize features that Microsoft normally doesn’t let you change in their Messenger software. The feature set of Messenger Plus! is pretty large so make sure you head over and check out their feature list.

Messenger Plus! Live has been in the testing phase for almost 6 months and only about 128 people had the pleasure of being testers. According to the developer, Patchou, the software will be released by June 21. Then chaos will begin as more than 10,000,000 Messenger Plus! users scramble to get what is supposed to be the “best release of Messenger Plus! yet”.

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News Source: MessengerMad