MetaReview I am a very conscientious shopper especially when it comes to larger things like televisions or computers. I want to know what problems other people have had with the item or truly what people have thought about their purchase.

In my opinion one of Newegg’s best features is the ability for anyone to rate anything that they sell. People do a really good job of writing both the pro’s and con’s for each item and often let you know whether they would buy it again. On top of that Newegg has some of the lowest prices on the Web so that makes using their service unbeatable.

There’s more than just electronics out there in the world so you won’t be able to find a review for everything on Newegg. MetaReview picks up the slack because they have an extensive database of reviews and ratings for everything from electronics to patio furniture.

The results can be a little deceiving though. MetaReview does have a ton of people that have reviewed products but not every item has been reviewed. They pretty much list everything that has ever been made so that when you’re ready to review it you don’t have to lookup a description or anything…because they will already have it in the database. So when they say that there are 17,000 items in a category it doesn’t mean that all of them have been reviewed. I still find MetaReview to be a very valuable resource for honest reviews and hopefully they continue to grow so that the number of reviews they have available will increase.