I had been wondering what the latest news on Photosynth was so I just jumped over to their blog to find out that almost two months ago they released a Firefox extension/plugin for the service. Previously Photosynth was only available for Internet Explorer but now it can also be used in Firefox with the help of the extension.

When downloading the extension it requires that you are using either Firefox 1.5 or 2.0 and for me the download was 5.5MB in size! That was pretty big, but after that I was all set to play with my new Firefox toy.

Firefox PhotoSynth

Everything seemed to work just as well as the Internet Explorer counterpart, and there is no doubt that Photosynth is quite a remarkable tool. The whole point behind it is to take a bunch of 2D photographs and assemble them together to form a 3D world. The downside, however, is that the technology is still very new and takes at least a few hours, or even days, to produce the desired output for a relatively small area. For this reason the Photosynth team have not begun to let users upload their own photos and utilize the service.

Microsoft has embarked on quite a task that could revolutionize the way we view the pictures we’ve taken. Being able to reconstruct a 3D world from 2D images is something that will probably become an everyday thing in a few years, much the way video sharing has evolved. They are definitely on the right track, so now it is just a matter of optimizing the system so that it is more efficient.

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