Microsoft Allows Users To Download Windows Updates In ISO Format

Microsoft is finally allowing users to download Windows Updates in ISO format which has been a feature that many have been looking for. Currently on their site they have the January 2006 Security And Critical Release ISO Image available for download at 98.7MB! This could make formatting computers an easier process if you are not into slipstreaming your Windows XP installation.

For those of you who are not familiar with slipstreaming an installation, then here is a quick overview. Slipstreaming allows user to take an existing Windows Operating System CD, rip it to their computer, add Windows Updates or drivers, and then burn the new slipstreamed version of Windows to a CD. Software such as nLite makes this a trivial process. The really cool feature about doing this that many people do not think about is putting your custom drivers on the installation disk. For example, if you have a DLink wireless card for your laptop that you have to install every time you format your computer then you can add this driver into the installation process. This means that after you install Windows you won’t have to worry about installing the drivers because it will be done for you. There are also other things that you can have Windows install during the installation process such as Microsoft Office 2003.

nLite also allows users to create an unattended setup so that once you start the installation, you can just walk away. It will enter in your serial number and all the information for you, so that you know it will be done when you return.

Official Microsoft Windows Update ISO’s
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