Vista Kit

It appears that Microsoft is doing even more to help promote the upcoming launch of Windows Vista. Now they are sending out 5,000 Vista Launch Kits that come with all kinds of goodies:

  • Windows Vista Storybook
  • Windows Vista Start Button Mousepad
  • Windows Vista Media DVD
  • Belkin Easy Transfer Cable
  • Windows Live USB Key
  • Microsoft Office Lice Trial Card
  • SanDisk Cruzer Micro – 2 GB
  • T-Mobile DayPass
  • Windows Marketplace Info Card
  • Windows Vista Magazine
  • Flight Simulator X (Other kits may have a different game)

I’m not quite sure who is all receiving these but there are some things in there, like the Flash Drive, that are actually worth something. Microsoft is definitely leaving an impression with all of the things that they are giving out (previously mentioned were the laptops and Media Center PC’s) which makes you wonder if other companies are going to try and go the same route.

This brings me back to when Microsoft was giving out free copies of Vista Business Edition and Office 2007 earlier this year. They are doing things to an extent that no other companies have attempted. They’re spending millions on promoting Vista and there is no doubt that they have gotten the word out to the people that they are targeting. Now let’s see what Apple does when their new operating system, OS X Leopard, is released in Spring 2007.