microsoft-apple.pngEven though the economy isn’t at its best, both Microsoft and Apple seem to be doing well. A couple of recent articles point this out:

In Microsoft’s annual revenue report, they announced that they have seen the fastest revenue growth since 1999 which fueled a 32% increase in earnings per share. Helping their earnings was none other than Windows Vista. Thus far they have sold over 180 million licenses since launch which isn’t too shabby at all. Also helping revenue was Microsoft Office and the Xbox 360. Their annual revenue was $60.42 billion which is an 18% increase from their last fiscal year. No one can argue that $60 billion is an impressive number.

Apple isn’t doing too shabby either when it comes to sales of computers. A recent report is saying that Apple’s sales of computers grew 38% over the previous period. This now gives them 8.5% of the market. It certainly doesn’t come close to the market share that PC’s enjoy, but it does make them one of the fastest growing computer manufacturers out there.

People can jump to conclusions that one company, either Microsoft or Apple, is better than the other, but when it comes down to it, both are very successful in what they do which is important.