Microsoft Begins Working On Photo Search For Cell Phones

Microsoft has started to work on a solution that will compete with Google’s recent patent of voice search technology. Microsoft’s photo searching, called Photo2Search, will allow cell phone users to quickly query the web just by snapping a photo.

It actually sounds really useful, because imagine you are on a vacation in Walt Disney World, Florida. You are walking into the Magic Kingdom and want to know what the popular rides are. So you take a snapshot of Magic Kingdom’s Castle, send it off to Microsoft, and Microsoft returns search results related to Magic Kingdom. You were able to do all of that in the matter of a few seconds without having to fuddle around with the near-deadly cell phone keyboard.

Microsoft definitely has a very useful idea here. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other companies like Yahoo and Google start to attack the cell phone market more aggressively.

Microsoft Photo2Search News Page
News Source: eWeek