the green button.pngIn the past we have mentioned The Green Button, a site dedicated to Windows Media Center. They have all kinds of great information available to those needing questions about their Media Center answered. Over-time it has become even more helpful with actual members of the Microsoft Media Center team dropping by to personally answer questions. While we own Macs for personal use, we are huge fans of Windows Media Center and use it every single day on a PC dedicated to recording our TV shows and managing our other media. You could say that we have grown fond of The Green Button Forums, which is why we were happy to hear that Microsoft has bought TGB website.

The administrator of The Green Button, Daniel Sterling, made the announcement and was sure to point out that very little will change. He explained how there will be no changes to the editorial policy and that the Windows Media Center team doesn’t have any intentions on restricting what is said. People go there to get advice, talk about problems they are having, offer ways to improve Media Center, and simply complain and criticize. None of that will change, says Daniel.

One of the changes that will happen, and it’s a minor one, is that the actual Media Center “Green Button” will return in the logo. We imagine they weren’t able to use the logo because of legal reasons, but it will be back in the logo. The other change is that initially the ads will be removed which is great news as well.

We’re thinking this was a smart move by Microsoft because The Green Button is such an important tool for Media Center users. If nothing changes with the posting process, meaning content isn’t filtered (they say it won’t be), this can only be a good thing.