Microsoft Cheats Free USB Drive Customers

For those people who signed up for the free USB drive from Microsoft you might want to check your email. They sent an email stating that they are not able to ship the USB drive to you and give you a download link to the information that was supposed to be on the drive:

Thank you for your interest in the Mystery Solved Windows licensing promotion. We’ve received your request for more information to help clarify Microsoft Windows Desktop Licensing pre-loaded on the USB drive. Unfortunately, this Mystery Solved promotion was available in the U.S. only and while supplies last. Supply is depleted at this time, so we encourage you to please utilize the online alternative today. Simply download* the Windows Desktop Licensing reference files directly at: To help simplify Windows Desktop Licensing, keep these points in mind: There are two legal ways to acquire a full Windows Desktop license: through your hardware vendor (OEM/System Builder) or Full Packaged Product. Volume licensing covers Windows Desktop operating system upgrades only. OEM operating system licenses live and die with each PC they are not transferable. Again, thank you for your interest in Mystery Solved and for helping us spread the word about proper Windows licensing. Sincerely, Microsoft Corporation

I can’t say that I was really expecting it since I tried to get it about 3 months ago, but it does provide a bad image for them.

News Source: Digg