A few people have sent me emails saying that the Live.com email address trick no longer works. I guess it is safe to say Microsoft has finally closed that loop hole which was letting people create @live.com email addresses using a single line of JavaScript code. Hopefully the 6,000+ of you that read the article here were able to get the email address that you wanted. I’m sure that you don’t have to worry about Microsoft closing the account because I still have the one that I created back over the summer when the first loop hole was discovered.

I am impressed that Microsoft fixed the problem so promptly because they aren’t exactly known for patching things up right away but maybe they are a little better at it when an unreleased product/service is involved.

One thing that you should note if you did create an account is that they do expire after a short period of inactivity and I believe with MSN/Hotmail it is a month. Make sure you login to the account once in awhile to keep it active and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Out of curiosity did anyone sign-up for some accounts to sell on eBay? I noticed that there are some currently listed and it even looks like someone was trying to make $100 off of selling this trick. I’m assuming the seller was using the trick because the listing now says “The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.” Shucks, I was just about to bid. :(