Office 2007 The article that ZDNet wrote yesterday caused a huge stir on the web and led people to believe that Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) would have the ability to put the Office Suite in reduced functionality if the software couldn’t be validated. That is, of course, not true at all and Microsoft has responded to those claims by saying:

As with previous versions of the productivity bundle, Office 2007 does include an activation scheme that requires users to authenticate the product key either online or by telephone. OGA is the umbrella program for Office product activation and validation.

Activation technology isn’t new to Microsoft Office. It’s important to note the distinction between activation and validation.

I suspected that Microsoft wouldn’t be doing such a thing because it would be a huge hassle for volume license customers. This does mean anyone who is using the leaked copy of Office 2007 will not have to worry about the software being deactivated after a certain period of time because it does not require any sort of activation once installed. However, Microsoft has been preparing to implement the OGA and that will prevent illegal versions of the Office Suite from having access to some of the online perks such as templates.

News Source: TechWeb