Microsoft Creates A New Office 2007 Theme

Even though Microsoft’s new Vista theme didn’t impress me very much I do have to say that they made a smart design move with the new Office 2007 theme. The two current themes available in Office 2007 Beta 2 are not that appealing to me. One is a light blue color that seems to give a soft feeling to Office while the other theme is black and is kinda overbearing. However, their new silver theme looks like it will be just right for me since it is smooth and actually has a sleek look to it. Check out the different themes above and let us know which is your favorite.

Also, Microsoft has removed the rounded corner in the upper-left section of the Office Suite. If you don’t remember what the rounded corner looked like then check it out in this screenshot and compare it to the image above. It is a drastic improvement that shows Microsoft is listening to what the users want.

News Source: BetaNews