Microsoft Denies Rewriting Vista's Code And Pushes Back Office 2007 Release

Microsoft denies the claims that Smarthouse made last Friday stating that Microsoft was planning to rewrite 60% of the Windows Vista code and that they had to pull Xbox programmers to help finish the product on time. This was a big claim and Microsoft says that the code writing process is basically done. The current build of Windows Vista (build 5308.60) is said to be feature complete which means they will only be working on bugs and security features. Hopefully Microsoft is telling the truth otherwise there is little hope that we would see Vista in January 2007.

As expected, Microsoft also pushed the Office 2007 release date back to January 2007 so that they have the necessary time to complete it. Many people were speculating that this would happen so that the Vista and Office releases were kept synchronized. Microsoft has, however, recently released a Technical Refresh to the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta users which has an updated interface and many bug fixes. The Beta build is not meant for everyday use but there are many people reporting very good stability in this Technical Refresh. For anyone that has not used Office 2007 then it will be quite an experience the first time you get your hands on it. After a little getting used to then you will start to love the way this new version handles.

Overall, the delays are inevitable by Microsoft because of the complexity of the software that they write. At least they warn us months in advance of the delay instead of ignoring the fact and keeping the public left in the dark.

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