Microsoft France Gets Hacked

It looks like the almighty Microsoft has finally gotten hacked. It wasn’t but it was a French version of Microsoft’s site: or The hackers said that their next target will be!

As of this writing the hacked page is still up but if anyone misses the page then you can see it in the picture above. The two sites listed above slightly differ from each other but both carry the same message: Microsoft was hacked! I guess Microsoft’s France server must not have gotten its Windows Updates :D .

Thanks for the tip Max!

News Source: SecurityDOT

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  1. Hehe. =P

    First Bill Gates is stepping down, and now this; Microsoft is falling apart. :O

  2. It’s annoying that individuals with the skill to do this still appear to be net chavs – the language they are using is much a sugestion. I’d like to see some good old British comedy in a hack, or at least some American wisecracks. Show them you’re pro in all respects.

  3. I agree, I would like to see something funny especially when it is such a big company that gets hacked. Maybe stick some funny movies from YouTube on there.


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