Back in May, we wrote about Microsoft’s latest way of getting involved and giving back to important organizations globally with their “I’m Making a Difference” campaign. Ever since March, anyone who uses Windows Live Messenger has the opportunity to participate, and it costs nothing to get involved. The whole point is giving back, so there are a handful of organizations that end up receiving a portion of the revenue that Microsoft makes off of messenger.

Now the whole idea behind this campaign was to give to charities, however, Microsoft is actually gaining something too. LiveSide reported that the number of people using Windows Live Messenger has increased ever since the program was launched. More specifically, usage was up almost 25%. The graph below gives you a good idea of how Microsoft is doing with their Windows Live Messenger because it compares their growth alone with that of Yahoo, AIM and AOL combined. Messenger users are indicated in green.

Windows live messenger

Who knew that an effort to help out charities would provide benefits in return? Microsoft has already raised $35,000 for the I’m imitative, however they’ve got a lot more money to make to meet the guaranteed $100,000 that each charity will receive after the first year is over.