Forbes has released their list of the 400 richest Americans where this year, even one BILLION dollars wasn’t enough to land you on the list.  As we’ve heard, the rich are getting richer with the minimum net worth on this list being $1.3 billion dollars compared to $300 million last year.

Topping the list, as expected, is Bill Gates with a net worth of over 59 Billion. Coming in 2nd place with a net worth of $52 billion is Gates’ close friend, Warren Buffet. There are a handful of other names and companies found in the top 400 that are familiar in the tech World, and within that list were four from Microsoft, five from Google, two from eBay and two from Yahoo.

bill gates money

Take a look below at some of those familiar names and companies. You’ll notice that both Sergey Brin and Larry Page are on the list ranked at #5. Compared to last year, their net worth increased by $4.4 billion and $4.5 billion respectively. Just with the 16 individuals below, they have a combined net worth of 184 Billion! If we were to add up the net worth of the entire Forbes 400 list, it would be $1.54 trillion. Now that’s a lot of money!

Rank Name Net Worth Source
1 Bill Gates 59 Billion Microsoft
5 Sergey Brin 18.5 Billion Google
5 Larry Page 18.5 Billion Google
8 Michael Dell 17.2 Billion Dell
11 Paul Allen 16.8 Billion Microsoft
16 Steve Ballmer 15.2 Billion Microsoft
32 Pierre Omidyar 8.0 Billion eBay
35 Jeffrey Bezos 8.7 Billion
48 Eric Schmidt 6.5 Billion Google
68 Gordon Moore 4.5 Billion Intel
204 Omid Kordestani 2.2 Billion Google
239 David Filo 2.0 Billion Yahoo
261 Jerry Yang 1.9 Billion Yahoo
271 Kavitark Shriram 1.8 Billion Google
271 Theodore Waitt 1.8 Billion Gateway
361 Margaret Whitman 1.4 Billion eBay


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