Vista Ultimate If you were one of the 20,000 people invited to test out Windows Vista then you’re gonna have a nice present coming to you. In an email sent out to those invited testers it said that you were eligible to receive a free version of Windows Vista Ultimate edition if you had filed at least one bug during the course of your testing. If you did then Microsoft will provide a download link so that you can get your free copy along with the product key.

I think it is great Microsoft is doing this because they need to show their appreciation to the people who helped make the operating system what it is today. From what I’ve read online if you got into the program back in Beta 1 then finding a bug was as simple as starting the operating system. That may be exaggerating things a little bit but at that stage Vista was not usable as an everyday operating system according to many reviews. Heck, when I was able to start using it when they released Beta 2 it wasn’t even usable as my primary OS so I’m sure Beta 1 was a nightmare.

Now I think it would be really cool if Microsoft gave free copies of Vista to all of the public testers as well. I mean really, it is only a few million people right? :)

News Source: Neowin Forums (you’ll find the full email sent to testers there)