Microsoft Is Testing A New Homepage

It has been a little while since Microsoft revamped their homepage but it looks like we shall see a new one soon. They are currently testing a new homepage that has a lot of dazzle to it. Before you go and open up the new site (which you probably already tried) I will warn you that you have to use Internet Explorer. If you are using another browser it will simply say that the page you are requesting could not be found. I can’t say that I am surprised :D .

There are two things that I point out in the image above. The Microsoft Site Guide located on the right-side of the image is collapsible. It is actually pretty sweet and has some nice detail to it as well. The menu will slowly expand/contract itself to make it look like a smooth motion. Also, watch the small arrow located next to the Microsoft Site Guide because when you expand/contract the menu it rotates! I know, I am easily amused.

The other thing that I am pointing to at the bottom-left corner of the image is a new look to the “tab” structure. To switch tabs you just have to hover your mouse over the appropriate option and it will show you the contents. This tab structure actually isn’t new and can be found on the current Microsoft homepage but this one has a slightly new look to it. I guess you could say it is more streamlined.

I actually like the new page and think it is well put together. It doesn’t seem so overwhelming with content and I like that the whole page is now centered in your browser instead of being left-aligned. It will be fun to see the response that Microsoft gets from the new page and see what they end up changing.