If there’s one thing that I can give Microsoft credit for it’s getting me excited about the future of technology. Even though Bill Gates disappointed me with his “future” segment at CES 2008, I would say that Microsoft has redeemed themselves with a presentation that they gave at MIX08.

I’ve embedded the video below, and its purpose is to show you what technology advancements in the health care field would mean for employees and consumers alike. Almost everyone in the video has unreasonably thin devices that they carry around, and nearly every table and wall is an interactive touch screen computer. I don’t think that we’ll be seeing this stuff in hospitals for a little while, but it’s intriguing nevertheless…

One of the most interesting parts that I found in the video was shown towards the end with about 40 seconds left (3 minutes and 25 seconds into it). It’s the digital wallet that is a single card, and after unlocking it with your fingerprint you can flip through your credit cards to choose which one to use. There was an uncontrollable amount of drool flowing from my mouth after seeing that. ;)

Something I always like to point out with videos like this is that they are a lot like concept cars. To actually implement something like this would cost an insane amount of money, but by showing this to consumers Microsoft can figure out what areas they find the most important and useful. Then they can work at finding an affordable way to implement those things.

[via istartedsomething]