Last week when Microsoft aired their first Windows ad, a lot of you had lots to say about it. Some of you thought that the commercial simply wasn’t funny while others of you thought that despite the fact there was no direct message, at least they were getting the logo out. We were left pretty confused as to the direction this ad campaign would take, but now that Microsoft has released a second ad, we are starting to get an idea of where it’s headed. Take a look below at the latest ad (it’s over four minutes):

The way we interpret it is that eventually they will bring everything together and the first commercial with the shoes was to represent that you need to find the shoe that fits right, or in the case of Vista, the right version for you whether it be Home Premium or Ultimate. This second commercial could be used to show that Vista is for “real” people since Gates and Seinfeld were living in the “real” world with “real” people.

We’re not sure what they have in store for future ads, but rumor has it that eventually the commercials will become more focused on Vista. So far the commercials have been a little confusing but it is definitely getting people talking, and I think there’s a much bigger picture here that we aren’t able to see yet. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to finding out what else they have in store.


Thanks for the tip Oliver!