Zune Windows XP Theme
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Microsoft’s “iPod Killer,” called Zune, is less than two-weeks away from being released (November 14) and they finally launched the product’s website. It has all sorts of information on the media player but nothing too exciting.

The big thing, in my opinion, is the new Zune theme for Windows XP that is located on the Zune Software page. The screenshot above shows what it looks like and it can be clicked on for a full size view. Look familiar? You bet it does! About a week ago a theme was leaked to the Internet that was a black version of the Royale Media Center theme. This theme looks to be the completed version of what was leaked. In fact, I find it a little odd that they still decided to make the close button red in the Zune theme because everything else is orange and black. Oh well, still an awesome theme and I wish the Vista Basic theme looked this good.

Wanna know something kinda funny, too? You’ll notice that the Zune homepage is located at Zune.net which is probably because Zune.com was already taken by someone else:


Domain Name: ZUNE.COM

Record expires on 21-Jun-2009
Record created on 22-Jun-1998

Looks like Microsoft couldn’t plan that far in advance. Zune.com currently says that it is under construction and their hit counter shows 165,936 visitors at the time I am writing this. Alexa shows that it has had some peaks that look like they happened around the time Microsoft announced the Zune. So how many millions do you think Microsoft will be forking out for that domain?