Blue Screen of Death When using a computer sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Actually, that seems to happen more times than not and even in Vista RC2 I receive a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) a few times a week. Sometimes there just isn’t a way around it.

A company that Microsoft acquired, called SysInternals, has made a BSoD screensaver that simulates your computer receiving a Blue Screen and restarting itself. It is actually too realistic for me to use because I downloaded the ZIP file that contained the SCR file and actually fooled myself. Instead of putting it with the rest of the screensavers I just doubled-clicked on it to see what it looked like. Of course the screensaver pulled itself up and I saw a Blue Screen similar to the one shown here. I tried moving my mouse and it just wouldn’t go away so I thought it was a problem with Vista and that Windows really crashed. Then I hit the Escape key and it was all back to normal. :)

I think this would be a really funny prank to pull on a friend since it just involves switching out their screensaver. However, I wouldn’t use it for yourself because there will be a time where you forget you have a screensaver running and you’ll get a little angry…like I did. 8)

Thanks for the tip Dochar!