Microsoft Yahoo We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard by now that Microsoft has made an offer to Yahoo to acquire them for about $44.6 billion in cash! It’s all over the news (for good reason), and there are all kinds of ideas regarding this acquisition floating around the Internet.  Instead of talking in length about each of them, we thought we’d sum everything up into an easy-to-read bulleted list.

  • Microsoft proposes the acquisition of Yahoo for $44.6 billion dollars which translates to about $31 a share (read)
  • Before the announcement yesterday, Yahoo stock was trading at about $19 – it is now up to $27.91 after word of the offer (read)
  • What would a combined Microsoft-Yahoo look like? TechCrunch compares the revenues of a combined Microsoft/Yahoo with Google
  • Combining the two would be a long and tedious process because there are more duplicate services (e.g.,, Yahoo Games/MSN Games, Yahoo Maps/Live Maps, Yahoo Messenger/Live Messenger, etc.) than you might imagine and I Started Something points out what a mess this could be
  • Could a combined Microsoft and Yahoo turn out to be a strong competitor to Google?
  • Yahoo acknowledges the offer and says that their “Board of Directors will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo’s strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders” (read)
  • Longtime Yahoo Director Terry Semel is stepping down from the Board of Directors, could this affect the decision? (read)
  • Think the online advertising market has anything to do with Microsoft’s desire to snatch up Yahoo? We do. The online advertising market is expected to grow from $40 billion in 2007 to $80 billion by 2010… wow!
  • The Department of Justice is already “interested” in looking into this deal for possible antitrust issues, no surprise there (read)

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!