Microsoft Office 2007 Adds New Squiggly!

It appears as though Microsoft is coming to the rescue again! Not only will Microsoft Office have spell check with the red squiggly, and grammar check with the green squiggly, it was also have a new blue squiggly! The new blue squiggly is being labeled as contextual spelling check. This feature will check words with the context of the sentence to ensure that each word in the sentence makes sense. We have all been in a situation where spellcheck misses a mistake simply because the word was not spelled wrong, but used in the wrong context.

We rely on spell check to do its job and catch all of our mistakes. Unfortunately the English language is filled with homonyms; the words that sound the same, but have a different meaning. For example, it is easy to mistakenly use the word “by” inccorectly. Afterall, there are three appropriate spellings and meanings of this word, however they all sound the same. There is buy — to purchase, by– meaning near, and finally bye– to bid farewell. The new Microscoft Office will be checking the context of the sentence to ensure that we use the correct word for the context. This will be a great addition to Microsoft Office!

News Source: CorrecteurOrthographiqueOffice