Office 2007 Logo When I was looking through the Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) site I noticed that they had mentioned something about the Technical Refresh (TR) that is supposed to be released soon for Office 2007:

If you are using 2007 Office system Beta 2 be sure to download the 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 Technical Refresh, the most recent update. (The Technical Refresh is required to use Office Beta 2 with Windows Vista RC1.)

If no one can test Office 2007 with Vista RC1 then I am sure a new release is on the high priority list but the link they provide only has Beta 2 available. The release date was previously estimated to be on September 14 but there are a few other clues that lead me to believe that it’s going to be even sooner.

Back in June Microsoft was forced to remove the PDF support that was an integrated feature of Office 2007. I really liked having that and it looks like they just posted it as a separate add-on download, along with the XPS add-on, to replace that functionality:

So when should we really expect to see it? I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft tried to get it in our hands before the weekend so that everyone would have time to set it up right after they get done installing Vista.

So while you’re waiting for Office 2007 TR to get released you might as well start downloading Vista. I love it and it would be pretty tough to go back to XP at this point. That’s like going back to Firefox 1.5 after playing with Firefox 2 for so long…there’s just no going back. :D

NOTE: I’m not sure what the upgrade is like from XP to Vista but my upgrade from Vista 5536 to Vista RC1 took around 3 hours to complete. I thought that was a little ridiculous so on my second computer I did a fresh install (which took 20 minutes) and reinstalled all of my programs in under 1 hour. So in the end it took me less time to reformat than it did to upgrade. Just a word of advice for those pondering what they should do.