Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2007 was just sent off today to be manufactured. They performed the final compile last Friday and for the curious minds the build number is 4518.1014.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that users will be getting it soon, instead, we’ll have to wait until January to receive it. Later this month businesses will be able to purchase Office 2007 but I can’t see a lot of them jumping on the bandwagon so quickly. Most will probably wait for the first Service Pack to be released or at the very least wait until people start using it at home. If employees have Office 2007 at home then they will be more likely to understand the new interface changes, because they definitely take some getting used to.

If you’re still using Office 2007 Beta 2 it will work until March 15, 2007 which is plenty of time after the final version is released to the public. If you’re looking for something interesting in the mean time you should check out the blog that Jensen Harris has, who is part of the User Experience Team for Office 2007. He said in a recent post “Between now and retail availability, I’m going to do a series of posts documenting the creation of the Office 2007 user interface from the earliest prototypes all the way to the final product.” I think that sounds pretty interesting and I would love to see what the prototypes looked like. Can’t wait to see those posts!

Okay Vista…we’re waiting on you now!