When Google made the announcement of Chrome OS last week we knew that Microsoft had something planned for toady, and they did. At the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 (WDC) they unveiled Office 2010 along with a web-based solution that offers a lot of basic editing capabilities for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files.

The thing that I was the most interested in was browser compatibility. I didn’t see anything about it in their press release, but then I came across the video that I embedded below. In the video they say that the Web Apps work in IE, Firefox, and Safari.

Now what about hosting? Here’s what their press release says in regards to that:

Office Web applications will be available in three ways: through Windows Live, where more than 400 million consumers will have access to Office Web applications at no cost; on-premises for all Office volume licensing customers including more than 90 million Office annuity customers; and via Microsoft Online Services, where customers will be able to purchase a subscription as part of a hosted offering.

Right now Office 2010 is only available to select testers, but all of this will be released in the first half of 2010. Below I’ve embedded the video (a little boring) that Microsoft published in regards to the Web Apps as well as some screenshots I grabbed from the video.

Microsoft Word 2010 Web:
word 2010 web app.png

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Web:
powerpoint 2010 web app.png

Microsoft Excel 2010 Web:
excel 2010 web app.png

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Web:
onenote 2010 web app.png