Vista Logo About 1-week ago Amazon posted some pricing information for Windows Vista and that must have pushed Microsoft to officially release the pricing information. From the looks of it there aren’t really any changes but here is the pricing that they have now provided:

  • Vista Business – $299
  • Vista Business Upgrade – $199
  • Vista Enterprise – Not available to retail customers
  • Vista Home Premium – $239
  • Vista Home Premium Upgrade – $159
  • Vista Home Basic – $199
  • Vista Home Basic Upgrade – $99.95
  • Vista Ultimate – $399
  • Vista Ultimate Upgrade – $259

So, are they going to be worth dropping a paycheck on? The pricing is definitely pretty high but I do think that the upgrade prices would be reasonable for the full version. I mean $99.95 for a full version of Vista Home Basic would be much more reasonable but I think Microsoft is trying to cover themselves with all of the piracy that will be going on.

Also, you need to keep in mind that these are the retail prices which is what you would pay if you went to the store. If you are purchasing a new computer the prices will be much lower and I would expect the Vista Home Premium to be about $99 and Vista Ultimate to be $199 with the purchase of a new computer. That is just my speculation but I’m sure it will be close to that.