Microsoft Officially Launches OneCare

Microsoft has finally released Windows Live OneCare which is designed to be your PC’s one-stop solution for PC protection. They were actually intelligent when they priced the software at $49.95, which you may be thinking “I can go and get Norton for less than that!” You are right, however, Microsoft lets you install OneCare on 3 computers for each license that you purchase. I guess it is easy for them to lower the price on an antivirus solution since people will have to skip their mortgage payment for a month in order to afford Vista!

OneCare also has a 90-day trial available for those people that want to give it a test run without anything to lose. Micrososoft also made an interesting comment:

Redmond-based Microsoft has previously said that its main focus for OneCare was the 70 percent of computer users who, according to Microsoft estimates, have no additional protection at all.

That number seems a little exaggerated for me. I can see a lot of people having an out-of-date antivirus trial version that was supplied with their computer but they are still protected against any virus that was released before the software expired. I think that they are just trying to give themselves a nice pat on the back.

Windows Live OneCare Homepage
News Source: Yahoo