Microsoft Plans On Demonstrating Vista To Hackers

Microsoft has decided to demonstrate its newest version of Windows to a hacker and security conference in September. The conference will help expose some potential problems that Vista might have so that they can be taken care of before the expected January release. It looks like this is becoming a common practice according to PC World:

More and more software and hardware vendors are trying to weed out vulnerabilities before products go to market, and they often turn to the underground and above ground security community for advice.

There will be two different people from Microsoft making presentations. The first speaker will lead a more general discussion on any possible security holes and try to get input from the attendees. The second speaker will present Vista’s BitLocker Drive Encryption and try to gather input on that.

BitLocker Drive Encryption prevents hackers from trying to break into Vista in the event a computer is lost or stolen. It will lock out the intruder that is trying to access files using hacking software or other tools to compromise the data. This feature won’t be found on every version of Vista, instead you will have to fork out the money for the Ultimate or Enterprise editions. Microsoft always makes sure you have to pay extra for useful features :D .

News Source: PC World