Microsoft Plus Ultimate Extras

A forum member over at WinBeta snatched up what appears the box art for a Microsoft Plus! Pack designed for Vista. It was taken from an online Canadian store, called Future Shop, who has since removed the listing from their site. It was priced at $39.99 Canadian dollars, and the release date posted was February 15, 2008. The box says that it includes “four casual games enhanced for Windows Vista” developed by Mumbo Jumbo.

The Microsoft Plus! packs have been released for almost every consumer version of Windows since Windows 95. Often times they include things like games, themes, screensavers, and some small applications. I think that everyone expected Microsoft to retire the Plus! packs with the release of Vista Ultimate Extras, but I guess that’s not the case.

So maybe this is what the Ultimate Extras team has been up to instead of delivering those extra apps all of the Vista Ultimate users eagerly await? Maybe Microsoft will offer these for free to Vista Ultimate users? Who knows anymore.