Office 2008 for Mac Microsoft has been good about keeping a tight leash on the information that’s been made available for Mac Office 2008, but they’ve finally splurged and posted several video demonstrations of the new version in action. We have already posted some of the Mac Office 2008 screenshots that had been making rounds across dozens of sites, but the videos give a more true representation of how the software actually works. I have to admit that the different apps look pretty slick, but that’s coming from a Windows-only user.

The real question is whether Microsoft is a bit late at delivering a new version of Office for the Mac. Apple recently released their new iWork 2008 Office Suite, and I’ve heard great things about it. Heck, it even supports Microsoft’s new Open XML filetypes, but Mossberg says that iWork is "wimpy" compared to Office.

As of right now the Mac Office 2008 release date is still scheduled for January 2008, which happens to be right around the time of Macworld. So we’ll have to sit tight until then for some of the real hands-on reviews to start pouring in.

Note: If the site seems to be slow playing the movies you can watch them all on YouTube.

Mac Office 2008 Sneak Peek [via TUAW]