At a recent Japanese media briefing, the press were able to get a preview of what the new Windows Live Homepage will look like.  It will replace the current page that users are able to personalize with content like news and weather, as well as gadgets. The new page will be more of a centralized place where users will be able to include different modules so that all of their Live services come together and are easily accessible from one place. The image below shows what the page would potentially look like:

New windows live


Now, as mentioned, you’ll be able to include different modules so that all of your live services will be easily accessible. By that, I mean that if you use Windows Live Hotmail, you’ll have access right on the page to your email and contacts. Currently if you click to view contacts on your homepage, you’ll be taken to your Hotmail account.

Other examples include integration of Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Spaces, and Windows Live OneCare. If you use the calendar, you’ll be able to see your upcoming events without navigating away from the homepage. If you use Windows Live Spaces, you can publish a blog and upload photos right to your Spaces account. And if you use Windows Live OneCare on your PC, you’ll be able to view the status.

The image below gives you a good idea of everything that will be included:

Windows live homepage2

With Microsoft introducing so many new services under the “Live” brand, it’s important that they do something like what has been previewed so that everything is brought together under one roof. There’s been no word on when this is expected to launch, but I’d imagine it should be soon. For those of you who use multiple Live services, this is definitely one thing to look forward to.