Microsoft Private Folder Protects Your Documents

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 is a big step in privacy for Microsoft. After downloading the software you will receive a locked folder in your user account that can only be opened with the proper password. If you try and access any files in the folder, even with an external application, you will have to provide the password.

After using The Private Folder for a little while you will notice that the folder can lock itself back up if your computer is idle for a length of time. Microsoft also places a shortcut on the user’s desktop that will link to the folder which prevents people from having to “wander” around their computer looking for the folder.

This is actually a nice concept and I think it should be a feature incorporated directly into Windows. Many people don’t take enough precautionary measures to make sure that their documents are free from being accessed by outside sources. This Private Folder can protect your information so that it isn’t susceptible to a virus or other malicious attacks. Microsoft has definitely done something right this time.