Microsoft has already sold 20 million Vista licenses in the month of February, and it looks like they’re pushing sales even more using a Windows Genuine Advantage check.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I had an update that needed to be installed. I’m still using Windows XP, and my copy was previously identified as genuine.  Today I finally got around to installing the update, and to my surprise it was another WGA check. No hardware components have been changed, so there was really no reason to have to do it again. Microsoft states that if you’re running a genuine copy, you won’t receive any further notifications.


PurchasingoptionsDespite this, I had to go through the process of proving my copy was legitimate again, and after it verified my copy was genuine, it said I qualified for upgrade pricing for Windows Vista Home Premium for $159.00. Some of you may have seen  similar offers to upgrade previously, but this was the first notification I received after having XP installed for months.

Also interesting is the pricing – shipping prices are outrageous! If you want to purchase the Home Premium upgrade, you can either download it yourself for $159.00, or buy it and have it shipped to your house for $202.00 ($43.00 to ship).  Ultimate is even worse! The download option for the upgrade is $259.00, and to purchase it and have it shipped is $328.67 ($69.67 to ship). You’re much better off downloading it yourself if you’re not willing to pay $43–$70 for shipping charges.