Vista Logo The next few months are going to be pretty big for Microsoft because there are going to be new releases of several different applications that they offer. A few days ago we mentioned that IE 7 is scheduled for release on October 18th and it should be delivered via Automatic Updates after November 1st. That isn’t the only big release that Microsoft has coming up though.

In a recent press release Microsoft announced that Windows Media Player 11 would be released in the coming weeks. They then go on to say that it will be available on October 24 for users to download. For those of you who haven’t tried out the WMP 11 pre-releases then you will be quite shocked at the differences. Everything is much more streamlined and well organized. It will definitely be a good compliment to Microsoft’s Zune media player that is supposed to be available later this year.

I’m not sure on the accuracy of the information that ZDNet provided below because they removed the article. This could be a sign that Vista isn’t getting released in December or that they weren’t supposed to say anything.

The biggest news (according to ZDNet), however, is that Vista will be released on December 5 to the general public! That’s right, Microsoft is pushing the release date FORWARD almost two months from the originally slated January 30, 2007 scheduled release. Microsoft also plans to make Office 2007 available that same day. The business community will still be receiving Vista in November but Microsoft will surely be recognized for shaving some time off of the public delay.

I think it is great that Microsoft has pushed Vista up but now I am a little concerned for the number of programs that will be Vista-compatible at the launch date. Hopefully Microsoft was able to make most companies aware, especially antivirus developers, of the change before today because they now have two-months less to work on compatibility issues. I have heard most companies repeatedly say that they will have a Vista-compatible version of their software when Microsoft officially releases it to the public but I wonder if that will still be true!