Vista Ultimate Extra.pngAny time that Vista Ultimate Extras were brought up last year (here, here and here), it was usually to talk about how disappointing that they were. Even though Vista launched in January, it took too long and too much silence from the Ultimate Extras team before they got anything pushed out the door. The most anticipated extra, DreamScene took forever to be launched into it’s final form, and language packs were promised by the end of the Summer but didn’t come until mid-Fall. The team is known for going quite some time without saying a word which has left many Vista Ultimate users wondering if the “extras” have been abandoned all-together.

At one point they said they weren’t going to make any promises or release any details of what would come next but they did say, “Please rest assured that our team is working hard to deliver on our promise to Ultimate Customers.” If they’re working hard and trying to impress, you might expect something a little more than what they just launched. Once again, it’s rather disappointing to say that the only two Ultimate Extras Microsoft could come up with are a pack of 2 Windows sound schemes and a Windows DreamScene Content Pack #3 (photo is of new DreamScene image).

We’re sure that the sound schemes probably are cool, and we hate to discount the work that the team did put into these extras as insignificant, but it’s hard not to when Ultimate Extras in general have been so disappointing and far and few in-between. When it’s been so long since they’ve delivered something, you’d just expect more than sounds and an update to DreamScene for Ultimate users who did pay extra to receive the extras.

When it’s time for Windows 7 to come out, we’re thinking that Microsoft isn’t going to try and sell an “Ultimate” version at a premium price with a promise that extras will be delivered in the future. We’ve seen that they haven’t been able to deliver (heck, it took them a whole month after SP1 launched before they could update the Language packs!) like everybody thought they would which is ultimately disappointing and doesn’t help their reputation any. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Vista Ultimate is not living up to its name.

If you’re running Vista Ultimate and the sound schemes and an update to DreamScene interest you, look for the extras on Windows Update…

Source: Windows Vista Blog

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