WLFoldersThere has been some news making its way out that Microsoft will soon be launching what everyone calls the “Live Drive.” The service will more than likely be called Windows Live Folders which is something Microsoft accidentally revealed on their online feedback site. A screenshot from the feedback site is pictured to the right, but the link has since been removed. For the time being you can still see it in this cached version which shows the Live Folders option pointing to this broken link).

When Microsoft first announced some information regarding the service last August they said that it would include around 2GB of free storage, but that is likely to increase since that is how much their email service offers now! By this point I think most email services provide more storage space than that, so I would guess that Microsoft will up it to 4GB or 5GB of free online storage. Much like their email service they will probably also have more advanced packages available for those who need more storage space.

Microsoft is also expected to make some announcements next week in Las Vegas as when their 3–day MIX event is going on. A lot of the speculation is that Microsoft will finally release the @Live.com email addresses, and maybe we’ll also see more information on the Windows Live Folders. Keep your eyes peeled next week as we see what Microsoft has in store for us!