Office Online

Microsoft has added a spiffy new look to the Office Online site. I am really impressed with the new layout and the most prominent feature has to be the simulated “Ribbon” to match the one that several Office 2007 applications will have. As you browse through the various pages you’ll also begin to notice that there is a new color scheme for each different tab.

Their list of new features includes:

  • Redesigned interface
  • New content
  • Improved help and search
  • New template communities
  • Clip art
  • And more!

They say that there is new content but I don’t notice anything different, but then again I can’t say I visited the site that often. I typically only used it to look for a few good templates to get things done a little quicker, but other than that I didn’t really peruse around the different pages.

Microsoft has been making a lot of changes to their sites in order to prepare for the big Vista and Office 2007 release day that is the last day of the month for businesses. Last week they redesigned the Windows Vista Team Blog with a completely new look that made it appear to be something straight out of Vista, and now the new Office site shows that they are really trying to get prepared. The excitement continues to build!