Ever wonder what the entry way at the Zune headquarters looks like? Me neither. But, just in case you’re curious now, the image below is what you’ll find:


This photo was found on Flickr, and the caption to the photo says “We visited the Zune HQ today.  In the entryway was an iPod recycling bin.”

I guess this is Microsoft’s way of poking back at Apple, much like Apple has done with their “Get a Mac” campaign? I’d think Microsoft was just being humorous and put the bin there as a joke, but some of the commenters over at TUAW are taking it a bit too seriously, and calling this a low blow from Microsoft.

It’s actually kinda clever! I guess the ones who are taking it seriously are the same type that aren’t able to crack a smile at the Get a Mac ads :).

Pink Zune Update:

The pink Zune is actually turning out to be one of the best selling Zune’s! After being on the shelves for the last few weeks, it’s the second best selling color (first is black) and has out-sold the brown and white versions.

So while the pink Zune is doing well, the Zune in general really hasn’t experienced much growth.  They still hold about 9% of the market which is really no different from last month.

Source: Seattlepi.com