Today is the day that Bill Gates walks away from his roll at Microsoft to move on to his philanthropic work. After 30 years, his final day at the company he founded is here. Microsoft has been planning his departure for the last two years and have done various things to celebrate Gates’ time with the company. Many of you have probably already seen the video shown at CES about Gates’s last day, but we thought it was worth showing again:

Once his day is over, he’ll be spending the evening with all of his pals from Microsoft who will be celebrating his work and time at the company at a gala dinner. The three men that have already taken over his various roles include Steve Ballmer (CEO), Ray Ozzie (Chief Software Architect), and Craig Mundie (chief research and strategy officer).

So what will Bill be doing over at the Foundation? Not leading, that’s for sure. According to the Associated Press, Gates has no intention of taking on a leadership roll, instead he plans on being involved with strategy and advocacy, and helping people become aware of the problems out there.

Farewell Bill, Microsoft and the CES Keynotes will not be the same without you!